Sunday, January 31, 2010

a natural light

"Your life you live by the light you find
and follow it on as well as you can,
carrying through darkness wherever you go
your one little fire that will start again."
William Stafford

Today I was once again in an inspiring all day workshop with my medicine woman mentor. I loved the ideas that were discussed in regards to living a life with meaning - to do that which gives you courage, allows you to stand by your core, being true to yourself in thought, word and action, while following your heart.

As part of my dance practice is dancing wherever you find yourself in your day, wherever you are (very challenging at times), during our break I found an unused hallway in the college that had only one light source - a window at the end of the hall. My dance was inspired by the topics we were discussing - realizing that dancing for me is a spiritual practice (that which feeds the soul), a path with heart and is something that gives me courage to face the challenges of living a life of integrity.

In Momo's mentoring sessions in the past she has had me remain in stillness until movement arose from the inside. Today, I was practicing allowing myself stillness in the dance for reflection in the natural light from the window, and then getting in touch with the life force energy that emanates all things was then moved from the inside by that.

Grateful for my courageous life's mentors who inspire courage in me...

"And a spirit stirs and fills
the room, all space, all things...
And the hand, the wall, the voice
are gone, but The Spirit is everywhere.
The story ends inside the book, but outside, wherever you are -
It goes on."
William Stafford
Music: Philip Glass
Visit my butoh mentor's beautiful blog here: Maureen 'Momo' Freehill

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