Tuesday, January 5, 2010

filing away 2009

what i love about having my own business is teaching yoga and the creative process of choreographing a class, workshop, or retreat. low on my priorities is the book work. as a consequence, at the end of each year i have a pile of receipts i need to put into order. today i delve into the dance of organizing. i would much rather be doing ANYTHING else than this - so, turned the process of receipt sorting into a dance.
over the last year of daily dance practice for YearOfButoh and my butoh mentorship with momo ( http://maureenfreehill.blogspot.com/), i have learned that there is no separation between life and dance / dance and life and that in everything we do, there is an opportunity to view and experience it as a dance.
the poet mary oliver says "what i want in my life is to be willing to be dazzled" and not by the extravagant and the extraordinary occurrences in life but, by the mundane, the common, the ordinary, the daily presentations. i love the challenge of dancing wherever i find myself in the day, with the potential to be dazzled by the mundane.
butoh, as i have begun to feel it in my being, is being present - moment to moment in my experience and letting expression arise from the body as a result of dropping deeply into the here and now.
music: philip glass

one of my favorite films from momo of life as dance is her 'recycling catharsis' http://www.youtube.com/user/YearOfButoh#p/u/444/aGlJGpsNp0U

view her momobutoh dance blogs here: http://maureenfreehill.blogspot.com/

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