Sunday, January 24, 2010


like the butterflies
wafting kimono sleeves

Colette Inez
(from a Japanese legend)

Today I was preparing for the upcoming evening of film and butoh with The MomoButoh company on February 19th in Port Townsend. Part of the presentation / performance includes a dance with Momo and I while a film of a dance we did together last year for 'Daily Dance YearOfButoh' will be simultaneously playing.

It was a dance we shared right after she returned from Japan. After receiving a kimono as a gift we headed to the park for an outdoor dance. The essence of the dance for me was one of feeling so touched to receive such a precious gift.

As preparation for the upcoming performance, I have been working on creating a relationship with the kimono - wearing it, dancing with it, exploring it sensually - the richness of the contrasting shades of red with black, the way it smells, the textures of the silks and cottons, the swishing sound it makes when danced with. Most importantly, when I put it on, I feel like another being - as if the kimono spirit has come to life and I am dancing the kimono's dance, not mine.

Todays practice was one of feeling connection with other - the spirit of the kimono...
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