Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sally ann

as a young child my parents used to shop at a store they called 'sally ann's boutique.' i'm not sure at what age i realized 'sally ann' was actually a name they used for the 'salvation army' thrift store.

today on my journey to the 'northland' to visit my elderly folks, i knew my hours of daylight would be limited to do a daily dance in the outdoors, so, my dance was another 'inside' journey...

i am not fond of shopping, especially in big stores, but i enjoy the possibility of finding treasures in thrift stores. today, i dance in 'vivi's boutique', aka 'value village.' also, i love how these 'boutiques' are such great depots to recycle and reuse that which we no longer need, a way to let go of that which no longer serves us in our lives.

i look forward to the potential of finding a costume for momo's upcoming dance tribute / retrospective to 'daily dance YearOfButoh' in 2009 in some thrift shop some where! i am am honored and thrilled to be part of this performance...

i am dancing daily with the intention to erase the boundaries between life and dance / dance and life. i am realizing more and more that the experiences we have that we love as children formulate to a large degree that which we tend to gravitate towards as adults - such as dancing and well, even thrift shop exploring!

although it is often challenging, it can be a joy to dance wherever you find yourself during the day with the potential to break out of old habits of being and relating to others - human, inanimate, and the natural world.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." Rumi
music: philip glass
see my butoh mentor's beautiful blog here: maureen 'momo' freehill

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  1. An absolute delight to watch this dance! I felt the "essence" of each of the pieces of clothing...how they changed you and the moment as they were featured. Just like elements in nature, ALL things are in motion-- even those we call "inanimate" are really not if you pay close attention--- they move YOU. This type of unusual forum for butoh dance exploration and performance is so rich to discover and share things we may never have known if only danced in the studio or even outside. Congrats for your confidence to go for it in public!