Wednesday, January 6, 2010

darkness comes

"i have more clothes, lamps, dishes, paper clips than i could possibly want before i die. oh, i would like to live in an empty house, with vines for walls and a carpet of grass... and i suppose sometime i will. old and cold i will lie apart from all this buying and selling, with only the beautiful earth in my heart." mary oliver

over the last year of daily dance practice i have appreciated that almost every dance has allowed me time in my busy day to connect deeply with the natural world.
the challenge in the depth of winter is the shorter days and trying to get out in the daylight hours. today was a brisk walk into the park before the fall of darkness - to discover the spectacular vista of the sun setting in it's fiery red brilliance.
dancing with nature as a partner, a witness, and a way of dialoging with 'other' feeds my soul. in one of momo's workshops she had us ask the natural environment what dance IT would like to SEE...
today, celebrating the other with dance expression, a 'prayer dance' inspired from the inside to honor the life giving energy of surya, grandfather sun, savitur, sol, soleil...

music: philip glass
see my mentor's daily dance blog here:

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