Friday, January 22, 2010


My first walk in the park after spending time with a cold in restful settings, I was drawn initially to the most beautiful light green moss covered pieces of bark that were strewn about the base of this giant maple tree. A large limb had fallen to the ground with the resulting de-barking of it...

I love discovering the unexpected while dancing in and with nature. While climbing within the multi-trunked tree there was a thick stack of dense leaves in various forms of decay, that were so compressed over time they were almost like a solid piece. The slabs of shedded bark also invited spontaneity and seemed to ask to be danced with, in a limited sort of way - if you have bark for legs and limbs... Then, dancing after shedding these adornments.

Feeling inspired and energized by this sylvan park, close encounter with maple tree, leaves and bark - a little dance of whimsy... and gratitude for trees.

The Trees

Do you think of them as decoration?
Think again.
May I invite you to revise your thoughts about them?
... I think it would do us good if we would
think about these brothers and sisters,
quietly and deeply.
The trees, the trees, just holding on to the old, holy ways."

Mary Oliver
music: beethoven
see my butoh mentor's beautiful blog here: maureen 'momo' freehill

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