Thursday, May 20, 2010

stop! look, listen, feel...

Annie's Hazy Moon of Enlightenment

Did you see the moon in the sky?
"Yes," I said.
With a tear of knowingness
in her eye, she said:
That's why we are all here -
to see the moon.

Adyashanti - from "My Secret is Silence"

As we were heading out into the park today for our walk I was feeling uninspired and was wondering where I could possibly get today's dance inspiration from...

However, because I have been doing this daily practice for so many months now, I am learning to trust, and that it is important just to put one foot in-front of the other, and step out into the mystery...

When we walked into the open field I was so taken by the movement of the grasses in the wind... my slug-like apathy was transformed immediately into excitement... I was so giddy to be doing my dance practice with spirit wind as my partner and to feel deeply connected to the movement of the wind in it's very varied and unpredictable dance with me...

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” Kahlil Gibran

The new grasses looked silken and their movement with the wind was captivating... While dancing with the beauty of this field, I noticed for the first time on our walk that the 1/4 moon was above and I was awed by the feeling of it's presence in the sky... The dance became one of honoring Mama Earth and Grandmother Moon and all of the Great Mystery...

I loved seeing at the end of my dance the stop sign - such a pertinent reminder to - Stop! Feel, look, listen, breathe, dance... send prayers of gratitude for the beauty of our Mama Earth and Grandmother Moon....

My medicine woman mentor has shared with me that if people do not see you praying, you are not praying enough... here is my prayer...

The Moon of Your Love

Not a single soul lacks
a pathway to you.

There’s no stone,
no flower –
not a single piece of straw –
lacking your existence.

In every particle of the world,
the moon of your love
causes the heart
of each atom to glow.

Muhammad Shirin Maghribi -English version by David & Sabrineh Fideler

Thank you for viewing this blog... I hope it may inspire you in some way... perhaps to dance your prayers of gratitude to the Great Mystery, to the moon of your love...

If you double-click the link below you can view it without it being cut off :~)
Music: Anna Mailian
Filmed by Brooke
Visit my butoh mentor's inspiring blog here: Maureen 'Momo' Freehill


  1. Tis I & Eye
    Your partner in spirit wind!
    Not lacking your existence yet
    When I see you dancing there...
    I want to be with you in body too!
    soon again soon again
    side by side
    we will be
    we will all be
    dancing together with the wind....

  2. mmmmm... such a beautiful touching poem! thank you, momo...
    yes! it feels as though spirit wind is with me every time i dance...
    miss the body, too!!