Tuesday, May 4, 2010

sister stumps clean out

This dance is the first of two dances, the first being - "Sister Stumps." These dances spontaneously surfaced in response to my sister's journey with fallopian tube cancer.

Post cancer diagnosis and hysterectomy, and pre-chemotherapy, my sister and I returned to do a daily dance with two stumps in the woods that seemed to us to be like two aged ovaries... the eggs are no longer fertile (or present due to the hysterectomy), but the essence of the eggs (creative inspiration) abounds...

With alarm we discovered one of the stumps had been used by hikers for tossing garbage - mainly tissues :~( This dance was one of cleaning out the 'garbage' in the 'ovary' first, before the creative process could flow...

Thank you for viewing / reading this blog. I hope it may offer inspiration to you in some way,

If you click the photo below twice it will take you to the YouTube channel where the image will not be cut off on the right-hand side :~)
Music: Satowa
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  1. so many amazing coincidences...cleaning out the "tissue" not being the only one by far! Soooo beautiful and inspiring--how generous of you to share such intimacy and healing with us. Rock on (or should i say STUMP ON) sistahs!