Wednesday, May 19, 2010

dancing with walker

"The old have a secret.
They can't tell others, for to understand
you have to be old.

You need that soft velvet over the ears
and the blessing of time in your hands..."

William Stafford - from "Trying to Tell It"

One of the many challenges of dancing and blogging daily is having time when life is full of full-filling responsibilities. I am care-taking my elderly father today - witnessing my dad's aging process can be emotionally difficult. Because his memory has diminished, it makes conversation a challenge as he doesn't remember events that are in the distant past or even in the recent past.

I often look for ways to 'lighten up' my time there, and find / create joy in simple things, like today - a dance / play practice...

For a long time my elderly dad resisted our suggestions of using a walker. Now, he loves it and it has become like a companion for him - he is able to walk farther and much more confidently. I had time to do my dance practice while he was having an afternoon nap - dancing with my dad's companion - 'Walker.'

Thank you for viewing this blog... even when they are silly and somewhat embarrassing to post :~) I hope it makes you smile...

If you double-click the photo below you can see it without the right side being cutoff :~)
Music: Philip Glass
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