Tuesday, May 25, 2010

rabbits and wombs

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” John Muir

I just heard from a friend today that she was having a hysterectomy next week as she was just diagnosed with cancer in the lining of her uterus... After having lived and shared the experience of my sister's recent cancer diagnosis, I felt spiritually stronger to hear of my friend's news, but, was still overtaken by emotion as I headed out for my walk tonight.

I had attended a weekend women's retreat awhile back led by Jade Sherer entitled "Nature Moving Women" where we did a guided meditation holding within our awareness the question: "Where is your home?" I was surprised with the answer that came to me from this process - my home was my womb, not a place in the world but a place deep within my own body...

While walking I was thinking about my sister and friend and their loss of their wombs... My dance practice began as a response to those thoughts and what felt like was bubbling up for me was a connecting to the energy of Mama Earth, a pulling in of her energy into my being and into my womb / home... a dance honoring of the energy exchange we give and receive with the Earth...
Part way through the dance, in the light of dusk, several rabbits and baby bunnies appeared and began grazing in the grass nearby. I couldn't help see the irony of my dance honoring the loss of wombs and the reproductive potentiality, and then being witnessed by the creatures that are so well known for their fertility and rapid reproductivity...

The dance practice ended with a prayer to my sister and friend as they continue their life's journey post cancer diagnosis. Wishing them boundless blessings and a returning to health, wellness and inner balance...

Thank you for viewing / reading this blog... with gratitude,

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Music: Philip Glass
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  1. I struggle to figure out what home means. It seems I am in constant movement, and the still center, somewhere in the core of my body itself seems to be moving. Movement itself, quick as the rabbits, or slow as the growth of trees, seems to be my home. For me, home is a verb. I've given up trying to find it somewhere out there. Or maybe it's the act of going ... may that's where home is.
    "going out was going in"
    Again, what a beautiful piece of work you have created. You capture lessons from nature I can only imagine.