Wednesday, May 12, 2010

in dispute dance

... and I am the hunter, and the hounds,
and I am the fox, and I am the weeds of the field,
and I am the tunnel and the coolness under the earth,
and I am the pawprint in the dust,
I am the dusty toad who looks up unblinking
and sees (do you also see them?) the white clouds
in their blind, round-shouldered haste...
This is the world.
Would it be better to sit in silence?
To think everything, to feel everything, to say nothing?

Mary Oliver from "Work"

When my yogi therapist was 99 years old he told me to live as a yogi you should move through your life like a fish swimming through water... at peace and at one with all that is around you...

As I navigate the unexpected circumstances that present themselves in my life, it is my intention to stay connected to my center and try and make decisions based on the idea, as taught by my medicine woman mentor, that what I do will be for the highest good of all involved at this present time, but also, perhaps, even for the next seven generations.

Today I had spent time in dispute and this dance practice was a prayer for resolution... the two tall standing grasses I was holding like our two opposing views - may there be a peaceful resolution to the conflict....

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Music: Claude Debussy
Filmed by Brooke
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  1. centering between 11...a deepening dance of both sides now. your ability to hold this, to dance it, to look at it with such care and wish for highest good is in itself a testament to beauty of living the question and not needing to find resolution before its time. it is uncomfortable to hang in with the dis- agreement or incompletion....the ego wants it all neatly tied up in a box...well, this way is oh so much more expansive with ALL possibilities, even the most enlightened surprises that we could never conceive of before hand still open and available. blessings in your dance of questions. love, momo