Friday, May 14, 2010

cloven in the lupins


If a life could own another life -
a wolf, a deer, a fish a bird,
a man a tree - who would
exchange a life with me?

Dark in the forest a path
goes down; soft as moss
a voice comes on: my hand
on bark, my stilled face alone -

Then water, then gravel, then stone.

William Stafford

Today's dance practice was inspired by wearing the cloven shoes that I had ordered through Momo. These are fishing shoes from Japan with felt on the bottom and give you the sensation of walking more deeply connected to Mama Earth...

It was fun to look down at my feet and see something unfamiliar attached to my legs and imagine my 'being' as a deer with cloven hooves, dancing from a place of being 'other.' This dance was also a celebration of Mama Earth's beauty - the unexpected, uprising patch of lupins on the expansive field.
"Archetypal forms and patterns exist not only in the human psyche but also in the natural world. Wind, water, fire, mountain, rainbow, bird, butterfly, fish, snake, bear. Earth archetypes... Moving from one archetypal nature identity to another: this is the genius of the shape-shifter within each of us. By imaginatively merging with the many forms and forces of Earth, we regain a conscious relationship with our souls."

Bill Plotkin from "Nature and the Human Soul"

Thank you for viewing / reading... I hope this blog may inspire you in some way - perhaps to dance freely amongst the green, wildness where you live...

If you double click the photo below it will play without the right side being cut off :~)
Music: Jan Garbarek
Filmed by Brooke
Visit my butoh mentor's inspiring blog here: Maureen 'Momo' Freehill

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