Saturday, May 29, 2010

castle in the sand and otter

The earth says where you live wear the kind
of color that your life is (gray shirt for me)
and by listening with the same bowed head that sings
draw all into one song, join
the sparrow on the lawn, and row that easy
way, the rage without met by the wings
within that guide you anywhere the wind blows.

Listening, I think that's what the earth says.

William Stafford - from "In Response to a Question"

I wasn't going to dance today as I have been working on editing a blog I want to share from a dance I did in Mexico 6 weeks ago. It was a very profound experience for me and it has been a challenge to write about it... Also, I wasn't sure I had it in me to do another 'prayer dance' - my heart has been aching so much today after finding out BP's 'top kill' procedure was unsuccessful.

However, at the last minute I decided to bring the camera, just in case. After walking through the spring green foliaged trees, we came out onto the beach where the scene was so strikingly grey, and the water so smooth and silken looking. Suddenly, two otters surfaced and I tried to capture them on film, but not too successfully :~) Their sleek grey appearance led me to feel so grateful for the relatively clean ocean we have here in the Pacific North West...

I am watching otter, how he
plays in the water, how he
displays brave underside to the
wave-washings, how he

breathes in descent trailing sudden
strings of pearls that tell
almost, but not quite, where he is
apt to rise - how he is

gone, gone, so long I despair of him, then he
trims, wetly, up the far shore and if he
looks back he is surely laughing....

Mary Oliver - from "Swimming with Otter"

I couldn't resist this opportunity to let my despair flow through me on the forgiving surface of the sandy beach. It felt so cathartic to sink into and fall upon the sand. As opposed to a previous dance I had done here inspired by my mentor, Momo, where I was using my hat to capture the sun (see the photos and film here: "out of the blue"), today I felt like I was capturing the rain and the tears and grief of so many of us that are in pain regarding the disaster in the gulf....

So thankful to be able to empty the hat-full into the sand, into Mother earth, to be transmuted for the highest good...

Today's spontaneous dance practice was one of gratitude for the beauty and bounty of Mother Earth and all the magnificent beings we share the planet with...

Okay - the below photo of the otter is kind of like the grey whale photo I posted awhile back in a blog (see the photos and film here: "into the green"), but I couldn't resist sharing this with you :~)

I loved finding the sand castle on the beach... with a 'top shell hat' - couldn't help but think of the 'top kill' capping of the hemorrhaging oil into the Gulf of Mexico... if only it could be done so easily....

Lokaha Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free from suffering and may our thoughts and actions contribute to that happiness and freedom from suffering for all beings...May we also remember WE are within that circle of all beings...

Thank you so much for viewing my blog - it means a lot to me and I hope it may inspire you in some way... I always love to hear comments if you feel inspired to do that:~)

If you double click the photo below you can view the film without it being cut off on the right-side... turn the film off here so you won't here the music from both places :~)
Music: Philip Glass
Filmed by Brooke
Visit my butoh mentors inspiring blog here: Maureen 'Momo' Freehill


  1. Checking in with you as you post these dances and your reflection has enriched my days. This one with you falling, rising on the sand in the gray tugs at my inner sea saltiness. Thank you.

  2. Yoish! Followng the "soles" into the "soil" is a choice!
    Your dancing "soul" sings the voice!


  3. I sooooo wish that the internet connection here in Cambodia wasn't so slow. I want to watch your videos. Maybe it will be faster in South America. For now I will just imagine your words and emotion flowing through your body as you express the light, the dark and everything in between.