Tuesday, May 18, 2010

in the ivy

The Ivy Green

Oh, a dainty plant is the Ivy green,
That creepeth o'er ruins old!...

Creeping where no life is seen,
A rare old plant is the Ivy green.

Fast he stealeth on, though he wears no wings,
And a staunch old heart has he.
How closely he twineth, how tight he clings...

Creeping where grim death hath been,
A rare old plant is the Ivy green.

Whole ages have fled and their works decayed,
And nations have scattered been;
But the stout old Ivy shall never fade,
From its hale and hearty green...

Creeping on where time has been,
A rare old plant is the Ivy green.

Charles Dickens

While walking to the store do errands for my dad in my childhood neighborhood, I was captivated by this wall of ivy and couldn't resist a dance exchange with it - dancing wherever you find yourself in life - even while doing errands :~) Although the English Ivy is considered to be an invasive species, I love how it thrives in the Pacific North West, often covering the 'unsightly,' such as this wire fence, so magnificently in lush green life...

Thank you for viewing / reading this blog... I hope it may inspire you to dance wherever you find yourself in life...

If you double click the photo below you will be able to see the film without it being cut-off :~)
Music: Philip Glass
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