Monday, February 22, 2010

beach and branch

Walking to the beach today I was inspired by the calm sea and still air. I longed to connect to the gentle lapping of the waves initially, and then on arising was struck by wavy patterns of small rivulets flowing to the sea. As I traced their flow, I saw a large branch that was a joy to dance with - to stretch and open the body more deeply.
The branch also reminded me of an earlier conversation I had with a friend about how we as a species tend to focus more on the negative in our lives than the positive. That no matter what our circumstances we always find something to complain about...
Initially, it felt like a dance between the stories of our lives we tell and the way things really are. However, as the branch began to feel heavy, it began to remind me of the unnecessary weight of the world I often choose to carry.

I have been trying to open more and more into a place of filling my mind with thoughts of gratitude, compassion and tolerance. As I was reminding my yoga class today - presence (not dwelling in the past or worrying about the future) in our lives is a choice which cultivates contentment - we just have to remember and keep choosing it, breath by breath, moment by moment... just as we do an attitude of gratitude which opens the heart... The words are easy to say, the concept is easy to understand, the living of the words is a challenge for me...

Today, grateful for the big beauty of the blue sky day and the time to dance with other in the form of sand, ocean, branch and space...

Thank you for viewing / reading. I hope this blog is in some way inspiring for you.

The pull is so strong we will not believe
the drawing tide is meant for us,
I mean the gift, the sea,
the place where all the rivers meet...
what would that be like
feeling the tide rise
out of the numbness inside
toward the place to which we go...
the movement of a moment
left completely to itself, to find ourselves adrift,
safe in our unknowing, our very own,
our great tide, our great receiving, the
windless, fiery, unspoken
barely perceived
carrying us all along.
David Whyte

There is a film in the black space below:
Music: Deuter
Filmed by Brooke
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