Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tip toe through the nettles

One of the beauties of daily dancing is the spontaneity that happens from not knowing where the dance will occur as it is often the external location that dictates the dance, but, not always. Other times, the inner body weather / or landscape is danced and the outer environment can sometimes reflect the inner body, but, not always.
Today I was inspired once again by a tree while walking in the park - this time a maple. I was drawn at first to connect to this ancient tree but as I began the dance was taken by the beauty of the overhanging ferns, and then the textures of the thick bark like the ocean's waves rippling up the trunk. Tip toeing through the young sprouting nettles was a joy as in several weeks this area will be impassible due to the thickness of the stinging nettle 'forest.'

Disclaimer: not one nettle plant was injured during the making of this dance :~)

Todays dance practice was one of connection and of honoring the diverse beauty present in our local woods.

"What, in the earth world,
is there not to be amazed by
and to be steadied by
and to cherish."
Mary Oliver

Music: Satowa
Filmed by Brooke
Visit my butoh mentor's beautiful blog here: Maureen 'Momo' Freehill

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