Sunday, February 7, 2010

rock steady

What drew me to the beach was a longing for quietude and what drew me to this location was the contrast between the massive boulders along the sea shore next to a river's mouth and the smooth sand and calm ocean.

When I started my dance practice today I felt an energy that kept pulling me towards the boulders, literally like a magnet. I was feeling low in energy initially, so I appreciated this earthly connection. What then surfaced in contrast to the energy of magnetism, was a dynamic energy that wanted to express itself more freely.

A push / pull dance ensued until a airplane flew low overhead... dancing the sound of the jet and the sound I can not escape in my head (tinnitus). This led to a feeling once again of a pull towards the boulders - back to a place of grounding.

Feeling grateful to have this connection to mama earth, the song from grand-mama ocean and the river's mouth...

"... the mouth's of the rivers sing into the sea
the stories buried in the mountains
give out into the sea
and the sea remembers
and sings back
from the depths
where nothing is forgotten."
David Whyte

Thank you for viewing / reading. I hope this blog may offer some inspiration for you in some way.
Music: Philip Glass
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