Friday, February 12, 2010

wind play

Dancing With the Wind
There is a wind so fierce it clears
out anything that doesn't
belong here and leaves me
clean as newly written
notes played for the first
time on a silver flute. The
melody tickles my feet
until I dance like the trees
and gulp great gusts of air.
I stop to rest only after I'm
spent, drunk on the energy
of the evening, hair so
tangled with knots
that I play the part of the
wild woman, empress of
the sky, a gypsy sent to
tell the world's fortune and
weave magic into dreams.
The wind blows straight to
the heart of the unknown,
and without a pause,
I follow it home.
Danna Faulds
One of my favorite practices is dancing with the wind as partner. There is such a spontaneity required to respond to the winds ever changing gust intensities and rhythms. Playing with the wind with a scarf being buffeted adds to the ability to feel the sensitivities of the wind - so much fun!

Thank you for viewing / reading. I hope that this blog may inspire you to also play and dance with the wind next time you find yourself in it.

There is a film in the black space below :~)
Music: Satowa
Filmed by Brooke
Visit my butoh mentor's beautiful blog here: Maureen 'Momo' Freehill

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