Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a nestling

Although I was feeling distraught today by President Obama's decision to open vast coastal areas to offshore oil drilling, I remembered Mary Oliver's words from when I saw her at a poetry recital a couple of years ago - to paraphrase, she said, as much as we are concerned about the world, we must also show the world how much we LOVE her...

Today's dance practice was an expression of that... While at the beach I was moved by the bleached grey drift-logs at the high-tide line that looked like sculptures. The sun was nearing the horizon and the light was shining in that particular way that makes you feel glad to be alive, at this moment, on this wondrous Earth Mama...

In particular, an ancient tree stump invited and inspired the dance with a desire to explore and dance it's periphery before nesting like a nestling within it's depths. Feeling honored to be within the skeleton of a once vibrant, living being... I was also wondering what tree species created such a beautiful piece of art...

I couldn't resist the opportunity to be birthed from this womb-like ancient one, which sent me running towards the sun and the sparkling water diamonds upon it...

Sometimes I breathe and
the stars go by in their serene beatitudes,
never disturbing a weather-gray house
by the sea where I have hidden my life.
My gypsy attention continues its years-long
wandering. It will return. It will find
my mouth saying, "Oh," as the ocean
rises and falls, responding
to those deliberate events in the sky -
the sun, the moon, the stars.

William Stafford

Thank you for viewing / reading... may you feel inspired in some way...

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