Tuesday, March 23, 2010

hit broadside

What do we do before enlightenment?
Chop wood, carry water.
What do we do after enlightenment?
Chop wood, carry water.

Zen Saying

And I would like to add -

What do we do after we are told devastating news that breaks our hearts?
Chop wood, carry water.

While assisting my dad for a few days, I heard some news tonight that hit me broadside which enabled me to witness feelings surge through me - shock, disbelief, anger and then grief, all within about 15 minutes.

I had intended to do my dance practice under a street light in a nearby park tonight, but this dance of life hit me unexpectedly so that all I could do was the next thing in-front of me - and that was to wash the dishes...

I felt inspired to spend a minute with the WO-MOON light in the living room and the heavy rock sculpture on the coffee table... feeling heavy with this news, and light with optimism for a positive outcome to the news I just heard. Although this dance practice was very short, it was transformative, as it felt like the emotions I was feeling were able to course through my being and not get 'stuck' within any deep recesses.
Feeling grateful for my butoh mentor, Momo, who facilitates the depth of this practice so eloquently and feeling grateful to have butoh as a practice that facilitates an embodiment of the inner landscape and inner weather... especially at times like this.

Thank you for viewing / reading this blog. I hope you may feel inspired in some way. It means alot to me if you feel inspired to leave a comment.

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