Wednesday, April 21, 2010

mexico dance reflections

Over the time we were in Mexico I had very extraordinary connections with the natural world - Mama Earth and her inhabitants. After integrating the tropical environs, I felt inspired and ready to dance a few days before we left Mexico to come home. It was a moving experience that to me felt filled with ancient symbolism and mythology and one that I am still integrating. There was a film created, but I feel I need more time to absorb the experience before sharing many of the images.

There were two other dances as well that I feel I need time to edit and spend time with before I share... I look forward to sharing them with you as I have come to understand from Momo that butoh is a performance art, and it is meant to be shared. Also, many of my dances are 'offerings' or prayers for the healing of our beautiful Earth Mama, and as my medicine woman mentor has said - "If it is an offering, you must offer it to others!" :~)

The photos above are a sampling from my dances I am integrating...

Thank you for reading... it is time now to start posting my 'home soil' daily dance practices :~)


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