Tuesday, April 20, 2010

flocks and feathers 2

This dance practice was the second of two on this day. Inspired by the beauty of the flocks of pelicans, frigates, and terns while walking on this deserted stretch of beach in Mexico....

A prayer dance for all the winged-ones...

See the first dance here: flocks and feathers
You can change the pixels to 480 for more clarity of the photos :~)
Music: Deuter
Filmed by Brooke
Visit my butoh mentor's inspiring blog here: Maureen 'Momo' Freehill


  1. glory be! thank you for bringing us along on your tropical beach fantasy/reality dear leela.
    such a sense of the temperature, spaciousness, sound, flocking and your emotional/energetic state of gratitude, connection. awe and peaceful reverence. lovely.
    did not understand about "changing pixels" but sounds very fancy...oh, i see...it is on the bottom control bar. cool. wonder why they give a choice like that? it does look sharper that way! are you going to continue to post on you tube for that reason?
    blessed be dancing free, momo

  2. this is an experiment to see if you receive this, momo?
    i will keep using the blogger uploader except for the films from time to time i put more energy into creating such as this one with the slides :~)
    thank you, momo, for your comment and for your inspirations...

  3. wow, Leeeeee....how amazingly beautiful! thank you for prompting me to again be astonished and inspired by you! I am with Daniel in Victoria now to create a 1200 kid Marbled Murrelet for Ocean's Day tomorrow..I will lead them in a silent blessing for water while in the shape!
    Wild blessings for the water of the planet!
    love you,