Monday, April 26, 2010

hat island wind

"Straw, feathers, dust -
little things

but if they all go one way,
that's the way the wind goes."

William Stafford

I was heading to my childhood home today to assist in the care of my elderly father and to spend time with my sister who is visiting there from Yukon Territories. I have just recently returned from Mexico where it was my intention to rest deeply in preparation for the upcoming challenges associated with taking care of my dad's declining health.

However restful my time was, traveling (whether car or plane) in itself can make me feel 'airy-like' or ungrounded.

When I feel over stressed it feels like I have too much of the 'air' element within me, and to counterbalance that feeling I like to do practices that connect me more deeply to the Earth element. Many of the practices I do, such as abhyanga, or massage with sesame oil, are based on Ayurvedic treatments that are thousands of years old from India. The purpose is to reduce the Vata, or air element predominance.

In the beautiful Skagit Valley (my favorite daily dance practice stopping place en-route to the north country), I was pleasantly surprised that the air temperature had climbed into the mid 70's and I looked forward to getting out of my speeding vehicle to ground myself on the Earth with my butoh dance practice. I find this practice to be another profound way of intentionally connecting to the Earth through sensory experience and exploration. However, it was ironic to me that after spending time over the last few days trying to be more grounded, that when I came to the spot I had in mind to dance, there was a gail force wind and I couldn't have felt my inner air become more exagerrated than I did with this dance in the wind!

Regardless, I was happy to dance with the wind as partner - to be buffeted and blown about in such a powerful way and to surrender myself and my stresses to the strength of the wind... Gratitude for Spirit Wind...

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If you watch the film on the You Tube channel it will not be cut off - click the photo below twice :~)
Music: Chopin and the wind
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