Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bev and deborah 1977

My sister and I have been assisting my dad in his eldercare this week and are feeling quite overwhelmed with the amount of work required to maintain the appropriate care for his needs. He has decided he does not want to leave his home to live in an assisted living facility, and we are striving to fulfill his wishes as he approaches his end of life. However, his mental faculties are quickly diminishing and he cannot remember something that he did, such as take his medication, minutes after he has... this makes his care very challenging.

Today, our time was so full with the 'dance of life' and the 'dance of responsibility,' in lieu of dancing myself in body for my daily practice, I was overjoyed to dance with my sister tonight in these images we stumbled across in a cupboard filled with photos. In 1977 my sister was an art student at The University of British Columbia, and this dance with the net and her dancer friend, Deborah, was one of her school projects.

Seeing these images has inspired us to do a dance together tomorrow - in our bodies :~)

I was thrilled that her husband had just bought a slide projector that transfers images from the old-style slides directly into the computer - awesome! Sorry for the dust on the images - the photos are 33 years old and were sitting unprotected in the cupboard :~)
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  1. Oh Such BEAUTY! Sisterhood IS Powerful....love, momo

  2. How symbolic that we, (you, Gary, and I )were totally caught in the web of dad's/our life trying to break free feeling the effects the pull to create more space which dad did appreciate when we cleaned his room, and showed him pictures taken so many years ago put into a slide show, but the space he did not appreciate was the drastic hedge cutting which to us was freeing and certainly let the light in but to dad he was alarmed at being able to see the house next door (even if is is just a cedar shaked wall with no windows, from which someone could have looked this way or that we could have looked their way).
    This web is like the interconnectedness of everything at times the push and the pull, the elation and/or the alarm, the compromise and the understanding of the other perspective and the encompassing, or the resistance, or the pull to move away, and the effect it has on others around us, the tension it creates and the growth.

    Are we ever free? Do we want to be, really? (Disconnected, blown about, on our own). What is our effect on others? Are we the pusher or the puller or the resister or the willing partner? Can we resist really, even if we think we can? What happens when we let go? What happens when we lead?
    These are some of the feelings/questions that come to mind when I see this pics taken so long ago in the context of the present which was cleaning up around dad's house.

    Thank you for posting these!
    Love you,