Saturday, June 26, 2010

hands across the sand

Through Your Hands - sung by Joan Baez

You were dreaming on a park bench about a broad highway somewhere
When the music from the carillon seemed to hurl your heart out there
Past the scientific darkness, past the fireflies that float
To an angel bending down to wrap you in her warmest cloak

And you ask "What am I not doing?"
She says, "Your voice cannot command,
In time you will move mountains
And it will come through your hands."

Still you angle for an option, still you argue for your case
Like you wouldn't know a burning bush if it blew up in your face
Yeah, we scheme about the future and we dream about the past
When just a simple reaching out could build a bridge that lasts

And you ask "What am I not doing?"
She says, "Your voice cannot command,
In time you will move mountains
And it will come through your hands."

So whatever your hands find to do you must do with all your heart
There are thoughts enough to blow men's minds and tear great worlds apart
There's a healing touch to find you on that broad highway somewhere
To lift you as high as music running through an angel's hair

Don't ask what you are not doing
'Cause your voice cannot command
And in time we will move mountains
And it will come through your hands...
Today was the day of a worldwide event called "Hands Across the Sand." The intention was for people to come together in solidarity against off-shore drilling and to stand together for future clean energy. I am so inspired and amazed how this event became a world-wide phenomenon in a short amount of time - mainly due to people's connections on FaceBook. I love how the internet can link so many together around the world that normally would not have had a chance to meet.

I was excited about this event happening at Golden Gardens Beach in Seattle organized by The Sierra Club. It felt empowering to be a part of a group on the beach coming together for a common aim. As we arrived, one of the organizers told a story about how when she was volunteering at a bird sanctuary in the Gulf of Mexico last year, a pelican came into the center of a group of them who were having lunch. They thought it was just being friendly, but, soon discovered it had a bone stuck in it's tongue and was unable to eat. The group was able to save it by removing the bone, and the pelican, whom they named Peppy, continued to hang out with them for many days after, in seeming appreciation of their kindness.

I remember my last session with my butoh mentor, Momo, where she said that when we share something with others (our words, a story, a poem, music, a dance...) the receiver literally receives that experience - what you have shared now becomes a part of them... that is how I felt with the story of the pelican. It was HER story that became mine because it moved my soul... the pelican, Peppy, now lives within me, too...

This idea feels very profound to me... and such an important reminder that whatever we put out into the world (words, actions and even thoughts) can have a profound affect on all those around us...

At the event today I felt challenged to feel the connection to all the other thousands of participants around the world who were coming together as there was no time set aside for silent reflection (the event was described as having 15 minutes of time to hold hands in silence).

The organizers had us begin to hold hands and our line began close to the parking lot and stretched towards the shore. In-spite of my attempts to encourage the line to keep moving and walk to the beach so we could be a line along the length of the sand, looking out towards the sea, I was unsuccessful. All those present held hands for a few minutes facing the street, the cars and parking lot, which felt very sad to me - it felt that our souls were not connecting in a meaningful way at this event - that it was for a media photo opportunity (which I believe is important but not nourishing to the soul). However, the photos of the events from around the world themselves are very moving to me and bring tears to my eyes...
The sail on the sailboat in the background said "No to Offshore Drilling...." thinking of the future generations...
The parking lot was just to the right in this photo and the road is behind this line... :~(

Our failed attempts at the tail of the line to stretch us out and move us to the beach :~)

On returning home, on our walk to the local beach, I felt drawn to do my own ritual of connection, of joining hands across the sand with intention in a way that had heart and meaning, a time of reflection to feel connected to friends and others who were joining hands across the sand around the world.

My dance began as I was at first feeling the anger and frustration of the situation in the Gulf and the desire to be aggressive and fight all those responsible for the disaster - drawing a line in the sand - taking a stand. And then feeling overwhelmed with the need to embody compassion and love to all the beings that are suffering in the Gulf as a result of this tragedy...

Desiring to stand with those around the world who are imagining the world to wake-up after this disaster - both through the power of our imagination, meditations, prayers AND through our actions... making changes in our world for the highest good of all and for all future generations.

Grateful to the organizers of "Hands Across the Sands" for their vision and ability to create such a successful event attended by so many around the world.

Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu ~ may all beings everywhere be happy and free from suffering and may our thoughts and actions contribute to that happiness and freedom from suffering for all beings....
Thank you for viewing this blog. I hope it may inspire in some way,
Music: Philip Glass
Visit my butoh mentor's inspiring blog here: Maureen 'Momo' Freehill

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  1. I feel so much resonance and solidarity with you and our ocean as you know lee.... thank you for your commitment to this and sharing your time, creativity, soul, body and butoh practice with us. i love that joan baez song. as usual, you find the perfect poetry/song to match the moment. perhaps we can sing that on saturday at the Study in Forgiveness at the Freemont Troll...ill have to find the tune.