Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sun, moon, pond

That moon which the sky never saw
even in dreams
has risen again

bringing a fire
that no water can drown

See here where the body
has its house
and see here my soul...

the cup of love has made the one
and the other a ruin...

love turned my blood
to wine
and my heart burned on a spit...

Suddenly when my heart saw
the ocean of love

it leapt away from me calling
Look for me...

... the sun that hearts follow
like clouds


Today's dance was inspired by my last butoh mentorship session with Momo. For the last seven weeks (since I have stopped dancing / filming / blogging daily) I have developed a 'mysterious,' pretty much continuous headache. I have also just transitioned from my sun dasha, to my moon dasha, according to the science of Vedic astrology (from ancient India).

Momo spoke of the idea of embodying the idea of the headache as being stuck energy, and allowing that energy to flow from the sky downward, to feel the infinity of the blue sky within, while connecting to the earth.

She also had me feel from the inside the coolness of the reflective moon and feel how each eyeball was like an individual moon within my head... opening the windows of my soul / consciousness - to dance in honor of this time of my life embracing reflective energy versus the intense active energy of the sun (which I have spent embracing my whole life, it feels, up until this point).

Today on my walk I was drawn to dance spontaneously beside the pond feeling the brilliance of the sun, which felt interestingly too intense. Consequently, I wanted to embrace the coolness of the moon, the quieting of the soul, the slowing down, the coolness of the pond on my feet and legs... seeing the coolness of blue through the silk scarf, shading my moon eyes from the sun's intensity.
Dancing the coolness of the moon and blue...

With That Moon Language

Admit something:
Everyone you see, you say to them, "Love me."
Of course you do not do this out loud, otherwise someone would call the cops.
Still, though, think about this, this great pull in us to connect.
Why not become the one who lives with a full moon in each eye
that is always saying,
with that sweet moon language,
what every other eye in this world is dying to hear?


This was also a dance of gratitude for the beauty of our Planet Ocean...

Thank you for viewing this blog... I hope it may inspire you in some way, perhaps to dance your own dance of connection to our beautiful Earth Mama...
Music: Chopin
Visit my butoh mentor's blog here: Maureen 'Momo' Freehill

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  1. eye & eye are One with the mOOn and One with One anOther....hOw cOOl is that!! evOlOve OxOxO mOmO